Yellow Pencil


    Yellow Pencil – Premium WordPress Visual Style Editor Plugin

    Yellow Pencil is a visual Style Editor WordPress plugin that you can use with any theme and plugin to make customizing your website much easier. Customize your WordPress site in minutes. Fonts, Colors, Animations and more. Keep the site design under your control with 100% front-end Style Editor.

    It lets you customize any element on your website. Click any element and edit colors, fonts, sizes, positions and a lot more styles. It comes with more than 50 properties and also coming with advanced tools. Even if you don’t know about CSS, not need to worry it has simple visual controls. Yellow Pencil will create CSS styles in the background while you playing with colors as the game.

    Main Features of Yellow Pencil:

    • 600+ Font families
    • 300+ Background patterns
    • Trend color palettes
    • Measuring tool
    • Animation generator
    • Animation manager
    • Responsive support
    • Hover & Focus selectors
    • Selector search tool
    • Drag & Drop feature
    • Wireframe mode
    • 50+ Animations
    • Smart guides
    • Design information

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